Window Installation

When considering window replacement selecting the experts at CBI will make your installation process seamless. We deliver the complete range of windows and custom designs for all our customers. Installing windows with precise construction, exclusive replacements, durable material, and beautiful designs that certainly do leave a mark. We deliver numerous designs, various sizes, frames, styling and structure in accord with the requirements of our clients. Our gorgeous windows certainly last a lifetime while looking stunning and making your home beautiful.

  • Single-Hung Windows  raised from the bottom for ventilation, while the top sash remains stationary
  • Double-Hung Windows two operating sash that move up and down allowing extra airflow on the top, bottom or both
  • Horizontal Slider Windows open with the sash sliding left or right
  • Energy Efficient Windows save you money on your energy bill
  • Impact Resistant Windows durable steel or aluminum reinforced frames with impact-resistant laminated glass for hurricane protection